Magnet permeability meter FerroPro FP-5

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Mains-operated laboratory device with probe for determining the relative magnetic permeability µr between 1 and 5

Paramagnetic materials up to permeability µr=5

With the List-Magnetik FerroPro FP-5, the relative magnetic permeability µr of materials and construction parts can be determined in the range between 1.000 and 5.000.

The magnetic permeability or magnetic conductivity makes a statement about how strongly a material can be magnetized.

The laboratory device FerroPro FP-5 can statistically evaluate measured values and has an interface via USB to the Windows PC.

ASTM A342 Test Method 4, EN 60404-15 Method 6 and VG 95578

Areas of application are the quality control of stainless steels, the non-destructive material testing of structural parts, material selection for apparatus in the field of electron / ion physics and for nuclear resonance devices or the detection of material changes in highly stressed parts. FerroPro FP-5 can be used to perform permeability measurements in accordance with ASTM A342 Test Method 4, EN 60404-15 Procedure 6 and VG 95578.

The probe contains a permanent magnet that magnetizes the sample near the probe tip. Two sensitive magnetic field sensors in differential circuit measure the field distortions caused by the magnetization of the sample, whereby the magnetic earth field is compensated by the arrangement of the probes. The device is calibrated to precisely calibrated reference standards of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt PTB (German National Metrology Institute, Braunschweig). A recalibration is easily possible. A calibration standard is included with every device.

The magnetic permeability of a material generally depends heavily on the strength and frequency of the magnetizing field. The probe head of the FerroPro FP-5 contains a permanent magnet that generates a constant magnetic field of around 35 kA/m at the probe tip.

ASTM A342 Test Method 1 is adjustable

By choosing different correction factors for the excitation field strength in the probe, measurements according to ASTM A342 Test Method 1 can also be represented.

The measured value of the permeability depends on the dimensions of small samples. The sensitivity of the device increases with the thickness of the sample. From a sample thickness of approx. 5 mm and a lateral dimension of approx. 2 cm, the measurement is independent of the size.

Technical Data Magnet permeability meter FerroPro FP-5

Standards:Standard-compliant permeability measurement according to ASTM A342 and EN 60404-15
Unit of measurement:permeability µr
Measuring range:µr = 1.000 to 5.000
Accuracy at 20 °C:(µr - 1) x 5%, based on PTB and NPL calibration standards, readjustable
Field strength at the probe tip:~ 35 kA/m
Temperature range:0 to 50 °C
Length of the probe cable:1.5 m
Display:graphic PLC control terminal with menu navigation and display of the measured values
Multilingual menu navigation:German / English
Data logger:200 measurements
Statistics:count / maximum / minimum / mean / standard deviation
Interface:USB 2.0 for communication with PC
Protection class:IP20
Power supply:110-230V, 50/60 Hz with external power pack, suitable for continuous operation
Dimensions:160 x 135 x 210 mm
Weight:1600 g with probe

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